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Bimester 1, Week 1....August 18 - August 22

  • •due for Mon•
    1. Bring all materials.
  • •due for Tues•
    1. Bring to class your copy of the U.S. History Syllabus (Open in MS Word)...
    2. ...and Discipline Plan (Open in MS Word).
  • •due for Wed•
    1. No homework.
    2. Extra Credit Opportunity: give the Tribond test (Open in MS Word) to one of your parents, and email your instructor with their name, your name, and their score out of 10pts by tonight at 11:59.
  • •due for Thur•
    1. Personal Email to Your Instructor (View Assignment).
    2. Prepare your ISN (View Assignment)
  • •due for Fri•
    1. Classroom Quiz on rules, grading, procedures, etc... of your History class. Open notebook.

Bimester 1, Week 2....August 25 - August 29

  • •due for Mon• Prepare your textbook (View).
  • •due for Tues• ISN 0001-List of Historical Events. (View).
  • •due for Wed• No new homework due.
  • •due for Thur• Finish ISN 0001, the Timeline for yours and the class events.
  • •due for Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 1, Week 3....Sep 1- Sep 5

  • •due for Mon• ISN 0002-Current Event Article Review (View).
  • •due for Tues• No new homework.
  • •due for Wed• By the beginning of class, logon to Mr. Watson's class on turnin.com and submit ISN 0002, the Current Events Review.
    • 1A Code: 2375583, 1A Password: WORLD1A
    • 1B Code: 2375593, 1B Password: WORLD1B
  • •due for Thur• No new homework.
  • •due for Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 1, Week 4....Sep 8 - Sep 12



    • "Historian's At Work: How We Find Out About the Past " Middle School World History . Dublin: Irish National Curriculum Institute, 1992. (Download in MS Word)
    • Various Internet Sources...to be found by individual students depending on specific topic.


    • Classroom Quiz: Friday, August 22
    • Chapter Test, Date to be announced.
    • Source Paper, Date to be announced



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