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Bimester 2, Week 1....October 13 - October 17

  • •due Mon• Bimester Exam: The Renaissance (View Study Guide in MS Word).
  • •due Tues• No new homework.
  • •due Wed• No new homework.
  • •due Thur• ISN 0201: Notes for Church Corruption Quiz. Article handout (View in MS Word) and text p. 173 "Religion on the Eve of the Reformation."
  • •due Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 2, Week 2....October 20 - October 24

  • •due Mon• Write a speech (Download in MS Word) in support of reform of the Medieval Catholic Church.
  • •due Tues• ISN 0203 on Erasmus and Christian Humanism (View).
  • •due Wed• No new homework.
  • •due Thur• Finish Martin Luther Slide questions using text reading, pp. 173-174.
  • •due Fri• No school!!!

Bimester 2, Week 3....October 28 - Nov 1

  • •due Mon• Quiz! Finish Protestant Reformation Worksheet (View in MS Word).
  • •due Tues• No new homework.
  • •due Wed• Rough draft of the Martin Luther Letter (View in MS Word).
  • •due Thur• Final draft of letter due.
  • •due Fri• Current Event Quiz (View Topics in MS Word). Writing Workshop Self Evaluation (View in MS Word).

Bimester 2, Week 4....Nov 3- Nov 7

  • •due Mon• No new homework.
  • •due Tues• Reformation Project Introduction (View in MS Word).
  • •due Wed• Bring Reformation Religion Project materials (Project Description).
  • •due Thur• Bring Project materials (Project Description).
  • •due Fri• Finish Reformation Religion Spokes Diagram.

Bimester 2, Week 5....Nov 10- Nov 14

  • •due Mon• Complete Part 2 of Reformation Study Guide.
  • •due Tues• Complete Religion Chart from presentations (View). View article links below if needed. Complete Part 1 and 3 of Reformation Study Guide.
  • •due Wed• NO SCHOOL! Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • •due Thur• Reformation Test (Study Guide).
  • •due Fri• No new homework.


    • "Chapter 5: Renaissance and Reformation." World History Modern Times . Columbus, OH: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2003.
    • Anabaptism article front and back.
    • Anglicanism article front and back.
    • Catholicsim article front and back.
    • Calvinism article front and back.
    • Lutheranism article front and back.


    • Chapter Test: Thursday, November 13.
    • Group Project - Religion Poster and Lesson/Presentation, November 7 - 10.


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