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Bimester 5, Week 7.... June 1- June 5

  • •due Mon• Finish your section of the Napoleon reading, and prepare your notes to present (Download).
  • •due Tues• Finish all sections of the Napoleon reading notes (Download).
  • •due Wed• Napoleonic Timeline (View).
  • •due Thur• 5 minute writing (View).
  • •due Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 5, Week 8.... June 8 - June 12
World War I Lecture and Reading Notes:
Slide A: Causes, Slide B: War Breaks Out, Slide C: Alliances and Fronts, Slide D: New Weapons, Slide E: Soldier's Lives, Slide F: Trench Warfare, Printable Notepacket

  • •due Mon• Print, review, and bring Exam Study Guide (View or download).
    • Finish reading and notes for Slide A: "Causes for World War I" (View)
  • •due Tues• Finish reading and notes for Slide B: "War Breaks Out" (View),
    • and for Slide C: "Alliances and Fronts of the War" (View).
  • •due Wed• Finish notes for Slide C: "Alliances and Fronts of the War" (View).
  • •due Thur• No new homework.
  • •due Fri• No new homework.


    • Readings from class lectures (View) or (Download).
    • World War I Particpant List (View)
    • "Chapter 16: World War I and Revolution." World History Modern Times . Columbus, OH: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2003.


    • Chapter Test, Date to be announced.
    • Creative Project Assessment
    • Other Assessments


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